Visual-Spatial Environment: Frame

This visualised movement image projected onto the glass. Interact with audience it moves around all installed screen.

CSM MA Work in Process Show, UK

Followed by the growing consumption of imagery on the screen, our vision is determined by the spatial virtual environment: the frame. The frame can be used to define a boundary of the image or conceptual perception. However, this project draws attention to the physicality of the screen frame. How is representational imagery presented in the frame environment?

Moving images directly connect imagery and the user’s emotions by creating a stronger illusion of physical movement than photography and paintings. This project connects philosophical inquiry to the constructional order of vision in the world of direct experience and the materiality of the frame to observe phenomena in spatial representation in and outside of the frame.


From Outside of View

This Project used Projector software Isadora, programmed movement detection. Installed above action camera, GoPro captures audiences instantly, and Isadora visualises their image into black/white lines and blurred deemed colour. This visualised movement image is projected onto the glass. Interact with the audience by moving around all installed screens.

The most interesting part was that, even though there is no rule or instruction, people tend to fix their movement image into the centre of the frame, which is hung in front of the screen. This shows the structural power of the frame, which governs images by providing a spatial environment.