Noise in Colour

Space Design: Sophie Clements
Visualisation and film editing: MOON
Performance and sound: Morgan Schoonover

The structures we create mediate our relationship with the world – whether it’s the physical constructions we make or the frameworks through which we think and feel. For millennia, we have individually or collectively created structures to protect us.

The contemporary world seems to churn and hum with the threat of environmental catastrophe, the effects of relentless consumerism and socio-political dysfunction. Under the weight of these dark forces, Make/Shift proposes to turn to artistic expression to interpret, reflect or re-imagine the world. Through the re-combining of the material and the imaginary, Make/Shift aims to explore the shelter as a product of creativity or need, and as a symbol of hope and despair. How and why do we take refuge from the contemporary world? Do we feel a need to hide? Or is it imperative that we face what is there?