Diaristic Project

This diary film is an archive of the sensations that have been collected since 2019 into a form of diaristic practice using compact and handy devices, such as GoPro, Camcorder, and iPhone. In the form of a film diary, this experimental film is intended to depict the concept of an atmosphere in daily life to recognise it as a direct and active component of our daily existence through the camera lenses. These highly personal and detailed small actions and surroundings are unnoticed and undefined, questioning the obstinately repeating roots of life and how a collection of sensations binds the event into a concrete form of life. What is this longing for moments that will not last? There can be many forms and combinations of routines that you have done in the past, that you are currently experiencing, and that you will do or lose in the future.

The atmosphere is a collection of sensations in daily life and has a significant impact on our everyday experiences that constitute individual subjectivity and being in the world, but we unconsciously neglect its significance. The dailiness is not a given; it is scattered; it is something that is here and then found there, present and then absent. It requires conscious awareness to become sensible, and only in that moment does it become dailiness. This indefinite, experiential, and rhythmic atmosphere is constantly changing and sensed through the spatial experience. The editing of footage, like poetry, selects every particular detail from the private and public surroundings, separating and composing one experience of reality from another. In doing so, the director triggers a question about the ambiguity of dailiness as a serenity or agitation before a tempest, wind, or rain. This atmospheric feeling is not only private and internal but also reflects the emotion that accumulates in the perceiver’s corporeal space.